Who am I ?

I’m a 21 y.o. computer science student living in France. I love low-level programming and problem solving, even though I wouldn’t say I mastered them yet.

Also, I love the sea 🌊 and almost everything that’s related to it (except crustaceans), but more on that in a minute.

Why computer science πŸ’» ?

I guess I love computer science because I love understanding how systems work. I have always wondered how a computer, a microwave, or a navigation system work.

I find it amazing how we are able to create mechanisms with such a complexity, and I love how people find elegant ways to solve problems.

However, computers may as well be fantastic, thinking that they are the only answer to all our problems feels wrong. When seeing how much resources are needed to build a single computer, we can only guess that the planet won’t provide enough materials for us to keep living as we do now. Making over-engineered AI-empowered micro-computers to solve an “issue”, even though a wood stick would have sufficed to handle that said issue is far from being viable for mankind, as well as being ridiculous. The story of the Juicero might be the best example to illustrate this.

What’s funny here is that I’m struggling to know what I should do. On one hand, I want my work to be fulfilling and interesting, meaning I would like to work in the low-level programming environments, play with microcontrollers, and basically make everything in my place a DIY autonomous machine as side projects. On the other hand, I also want my work to be benefic for the planet at first, and mankind then, and not participate in creating systems which are as useful as connected toasters.

I have encountered a few tech companies that have a kind of green-by-design approach which I would love to join later, but that’s a story I’m willing to make a full article about (or even an article per company).

Why the sea 🌊 ?

Well I’ve always lived near the sea, my parents have been sailing since I was born, and I followed! But my passion is not limited to sailing, I also like fishing 🎣 (even though I’m bad/unlucky/both), swimming, diving, and basically any water sport such as kitesurf πŸͺ.

I dream of living my life on a sailboat, going across the oceans, but I don’t feel like I could work in a company in full remote, from my boat. I need people to discuss with, and I don’t want nor can I afford a giant sailing yacht with all my colleagues in it.

What will I talk about ?

Basically, anything which I am willing to spend time to write about. It might be tech companies I admire, solutions to code exercises I find clever, any sailing β›΅ news I’m hyped about. Occasionally, I will also discuss sustainable development, global warming, and all, as this is a topic that concerns all of us.

Feel free to come and check from time to time what content I may have published ! 😁